Family Photography in Kapiti Coast and Wellington

Beautiful authentic family moment captured by Tara Lemana, Kapiti and Wellington Photographer

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This is your story.

All of it – the good, the bad, the crazy.

Your family story: the cuddles, the tears, the laughs, the worries, the silliness, the scraped knees and wobbly teeth.

All the things that are the heartbeat of your life right now yet seem so insignificant – until they’re gone, and you realise you miss them like oxygen.

Storyteller Sessions – documentary family photography

My Storyteller Sessions are a breath of fresh air. These sessions take place in your home, where you’re most comfortable, and rather than dictate what happens, I join your family for a few hours and capture your special moments as they happen. I capture a part of your family’s story, the details that come together to form the fabric of your memories in later years.

For these sessions, it is important that they take place either in your home or a place that is similarly meaningful to you, because the aim is to capture authentic moments in places that your family belongs to, not a studio or a randomly picked location. It doesn’t matter if your home is not a magazine-perfect, tidy house with designer furniture – it matters that it’s yours, with the memories and stories it holds for your family.

Your Storyteller session should take place around activities your family commonly do. For a family with young children, daily routines like getting dressed, brushing hair and teeth, driving to school or favourite pass times like rough housing with a parent, baking or cooking together, puzzling or crafting, are all a source of great little gems in those every day moments.

For families with older children, shared activities like board games, a trip to the pool or park, or other favourite things to do as a family are wonderful stories to have told. It isn’t important what the activity is, as long as it is a part of the story of your family.

During your Storyteller session, I join in with your family for the duration of the session, but I do not pose or guide, I simply document your story as it unfolds, without interfering in its unfolding.

Connections Sessions – lifestyle family photography

My Connections family sessions are what’s commonly referred to as Lifestyle sessions; relaxed and easy, with a planned activity at a mutually agreed upon location, some posing and guidance by me to ensure strong individual and group portraits are captured as well as more relaxed, in-the-moment captures.

After your session, I will carefully select the best 25 images from your session and hand-edit them to create beautiful family portraits worthy of a place on your wall. We will meet for your image reveal and ordering session, where you will select wall art and albums featuring your images.


Kapiti Coast photographer Tara Lemana specialises in contemporary portraits of you and your loved ones. With a passion for capturing someone's true magic, Tara's signature products include a luxurious Couture Portrait Session for women and the documentary-style Family Storyteller sessions.


Glamour & Couture Portrait Photography
Elegant photo sessions for real women to feel like a goddess.
Butterfly Sessions
Coming-of-age portraits for young women.
Family Photography
Styled but relaxed Family Connections sessions or documentary-style Storyteller shoots.

Finalist for the 2020 NZIPP Expressive Photographer of the Year

NZIPP Associate of Photography

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